The Brain and Spine center offers the effective and full range of options for stroke treatment. From minimally invasive procedures to medicine to use of some progressive treatment, we provide the effective treatment to prevent strokes, treat strokes and also provide necessary support in enthralling quick recovery from the medical condition. Our center is completely equipped with the highly advanced diagnostic technology and accustomed with the extensive therapeutic knowledge possessed by the specialized doctors that helps in treating the patients with the individualized treatments.

The specialized Dr. Sumit Goyal will provide an effective treatment to treat the medical condition of the patient. He will provide a primary care in case of a stroke to ease out the panic situation. After that, a thorough treatment plan is designed to suit your medical condition, state of health and individual treatment needs. It’s quite possible that you need more than one treatment or some referrals of other medical professionals are required to treat your particular medical condition. Brain and Spine center take complete care to provide you with the best medical support to make you have a better control over the stroke.

Types of strokes covered

Usually, the treatment provided to control and treat the stroke is largely depends upon the type of stroke, you have. Brain and Spine offer variety of treatments for the types of strokes.

  • Ischemic stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Pediatric stroke
  • Brain Aneurysm
  • Carotid Artery Disease and similar stroke related conditions.

Advanced services from our end

The stroke treatment services at our Brain and Spine center are provided in accordance with the complexity of the stroke, you have. That is why a detailed examination of the patient is done to ascertain the complexity of the stroke and to analyze the safety measures. For this, advanced Interventional, therapeutic and surgical techniques are used for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

The patient will be provided with the touch of new approaches of diagnosis and treatment that help him in achieving optimal recovery after the treatment. Our wide range of services cover:

  • Neurointensive care unit
  • Diagnostic services
  • Stroke therapies either through drugs, surgery or Interventional treatment
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Precautionary advices
  • Emergency services

Our center helps the patients with the necessary advices to go with, that makes them attentive towards getting into recurring strokes. It had been seen that stroke survivors are prone to face another stroke. With little attentiveness and a healthy lifestyle, those frequent strokes can be largely avoided. Our center guides the patients and their caregivers with the necessary suggestions, to help them with the feature of stopping those recurring strokes.

Our recovery department too aids in speeding up the recovery of the patient, who had faced a stroke recently. Patients are provided with the after-treatment options to let them gain a progressive recovery after the treatment.

Brain and Spine center offers the best and effective treatment to survive from stroke. Patients are directed to survive even the emergency condition with the help of complete assistance provided by the medical professionals.