What is a Stroke and Symptoms of Stroke?

What is a Stroke and Symptoms of Stroke?

Stroke is a major public health problem and is a major cause of disability and death. Public awareness about stroke is important as it is the most effective way to reduce the burden of disease

What is a  STROKE?

A stroke happens when there is problem with the blood supply to a part of the brain. The areas of brain that does not get enough blood supply gets damaged.

A stroke can happen when a blood clot blocks an artery (vessel carrying blood)in the brain causing ischemic stroke or when the wall of an artery bursts leading to haemorrhagic stroke commonly called as brain haemorrhage .

What is a MINI STROKE?

It is also called as “Warning Stroke” . in this situation the blood supply to the brain is blocked for two to five minutes and as the blood supply is later restored there are no long term damages. However , having a mini stroke significantly increases one’s chances of having a major stroke. DO NOT IGNORE THE SYMPTOMS OF MINI STROKE which are same as that of major stroke except that they are temporary .

What are the Symptoms of Stroke?

Depending upon which area of brain is deprived of blood supply the symptoms of stroke would vary and one can have difficulty in moving one or more limb, problem with understanding or communicating (Speaking, writing or reading), loss of vision, facial deviation or even unconsciousness.

Who is at higher risk of having a stroke?

Though stroke can happen in anyone but few conditions which make one more prone to stroke are

Uncontrolled diabetes, Tobacco consumption, sedentary lifestyle, uncontrolled high blood pressure, excessive alcohol intake, high cholesterol levels and family history of stroke.

How can one lower the risk of stroke?

A few regular steps which everyone should do to lower the chances of having a stroke are

Exercise regularly, STOP Smoking, keep your weight under control, monitor your blood pressure regularly, keep your blood sugar under control.

What to do in case someone suffers stroke?

Stroke is a neurological emergency. In case of suspicion of someone has suffered a stroke you should immediately seek medical help. Brain cells are very sensitive to blood supply and cessation of blood supply to brain leads to continuous damage to them. Therefore the attempt is to restore the blood supply by opening the blocked vessel by giving medicine and more recently by directly removing the clot from the blocked artery by entering the blocked artery by using special devices within six hours of onset of symptoms.