How spinal cord tumor surgery is performed?

How spinal cord tumor surgery is performed?

Most people undergoing spinal cord tumor surgery in Delhi are advised to look for personalized care to control the multiple physiological and psychological effects of the treatment.


Let’s understand spinal cord cancer


Your spinal cord running from the base of the brain to the back is a part of your central nervous system. And it plays a critical role in carrying important messages to different parts of the body. But the fine arrangement of nerves can be disturbed by the abnormal growth of cells called cancer.


Spinal cancer is a rare disease whose causes are still unknown but symptoms can be noticed and treatment started at the earliest. The good thing is that early diagnosis could provide lasting relief from the painful symptoms and the disease in the long run.


Spinal cancer treatment options


First of all, you should visit the best neurosurgeon in Delhi NCR for diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the location and size of the tumor, the surgeon will suggest treatment options like surgery. But surgery isn’t the only treatment available.




It is an option when the tumor is limited to a specific area. In this situation, it is possible to remove the cancerous cells from that area. Here it is the best option because the cancer is localized. The cancerous cells can be targeted and removed before they become malignant.




Some types of tumors can be best cured with chemotherapy that involves the administration of drugs either directly or orally through pills. In direct treatment, the drugs are administered through injections in veins. Or the drug might be injected into the cerebrospinal fluid.


Radiation Therapy


It is used post-surgery and its objective is to remove whatever cancerous cells could be left behind by the surgery. While surgery can remove all the tumor cells but surgeons don’t take chances and prescribe radiation therapy to make sure that no cancerous are left behind.


There could be more treatment options but a surgeon will choose the best after assessing your needs. But you should be very careful about the treatment as it requires psychological support. Your surgeon should be supportive of you so you feel comfortable during and after treatment.


Go to the best neurosurgeon in Delhi for the treatment of spinal cancer. Early treatment can give lasting relief from the pain and suffering. If possible, your surgeon will remove the tumor by surgery and kill the cancerous cells left behind with radiation therapy.